Mother of Peace Research
Birthplace: 1920 Oslo, Norway
So I began these imaging workshops: stepping people 30 years into the future, giving them help with how their imaginations worked, and asking them to imagine a world in which there were no longer any weapons. Once they have done the imagining and sharing in groups, they have a picture of what this world could look like. Next, they construct a history of the time-line backward to the present. Then, participants have to decide what they will do, starting now, to help this process along. So everyone sits and meditates for a while, and then writes and speaks aloud their commitments.
12 x A3 pages from ‘peace’ script on wooden shelf,
4 stools, 2  infront of ‘Why Join a Campaign?” Yes or No, research data,
large  scale image from TRC Rwanda special footage. 
Installation shot of SWiTCH exhibition

The diseases of love, script, 2019

promise / forgiven, clear text on floor 2019

Photos: Nanna Klith Hougaard

Katherine Butcher © 2022