Katherine Butcher


Just This And Only That


2024 - 365 days
We collaborate with SMØR Press/Joana Bruno on the costume design.

Just This And Only That, is a durational performative work that happens in the public sphere in response to our freedom and independence from norms and established infrastructures.

Our presence and nothing else is required, and expected outcomes are resisted. Instead, we work towards a process that finds its relevance in both planned and unanticipated encounters.

From January 3rd 2024, and for 30 days, BUTCHER & CORREIA investigated what makes city of Trondheim.

Just This And Only That is a project
generously supported by
Trondheim kommune
Coop Extra Leuthenhaven
Norsk Butikkdrift AS

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Special thanks to
Buran Bibliotek
Charles Robert Butcher
Credo restaurant
Siemens Energy
Einar Saastad
Hanne Dahl Geving
Monkey Brew
Sintef Robotics and Autonomy
Stein Yttereng
Trondheim hovedbrannstasjon
Trondheim Symfoniorkester & Opera
Polaroid by BUTCHER&CORREIA (2024)

Just This And Only That believes in the collective adoption of sustainable living. Communication by asking and answering one another, guides us towards shared action.

Just This And Only That aims to transform overlooked aspects into valuable contributions that are rooted in the local community. By intertwining creativity and daily existence, we strive to achieve sustainable living.

Just This And Only That aims to create artistic constellations that promote shared responsibility, unexpected discoveries, and evolving identities.

Just This And Only That allocates resources in the support of freedom of expression, shelter, and movement.

Just This And Only That emphasises materiality, to underscore the significance of chosen materials, their texture, physicality, and contact with the body.

Just This And Only That emphasises present moment awareness to fully appreciate our surroundings and the artistic process.

Just This And Only That focuses on urgency to address environmental issues through actions that move within the distractions.

Just This And Only That aims to reduce our environmental footprint by encouraging sustainable choices and responsible practices.

Just This And Only That embraces Intersectionality by acknowledging the link between climate justice and social justice, to engage with these overlaps and consider the wider impact.

10th of January, 2024
work in progress