Katherine Butcher



SHINY-FLOOR SHOW (SFS) (2021-ongoing)
Easy to install, roll-out vinyl and self-adhesive vinyl studio floors. From X-Factor to The Nobel Peace Prize - used all over the world.
Variable dimensions.

SHINY-FLOOR SHOW is a term from the entertainment lexicon - a program that is recorded in or broadcast from the floor of a television studio, often in front of a live audience. The name derives from the flat floor of the studio, which is typically covered in a shiny temporary self-adhesive plastic overlay.

SFS, the project, encourages reflections on culture, expectant demands and codes and forms of engagement with space. SFS is a super-structure, a site-specific institution, a series of artistic 'actions'. SFS is a pop-up program, a stage for collaboration, a community space, a place for meditative practices and play.

Initially SFS was conceived under the site-specific project SINDSINDTRYK ANLÆG/ MIND IMPRESSION SYSTEMS by Katherine Butcher with collaborative lighting by Pekka Stokke inside the Rotvoll Kunstnerkollektiv building. Today SFS functions under Butcher’s central developing concept “Between us-ing” a term derived from a documented interview for The Perpetual Peace Project between Hélène Cixous with Adrian Heathfield.