Katherine Butcher


On being pursued by mundane badness

On being pursued by mundane badness (2022) 
Performance installation: nine year old son’s and artists’ footprints in Red Desert sand purchased from online pet shop in Germany,  with perspex plate. Commissioned vinyl vest with pockets: tape, scissors, and 1992 Ayres Rock Climbers Certificate, awarded to artist at nine years old, from the Northern Territory Tourist Centre.

Performed at Trondheim Open 2022 festival with ImproDans.

Artistic leader for ImproDans Trondheim:
Anna Thu Schmidt
Dance artists: Anna Thu Schmidt / Ingeborg Sanders Dugstad / Nina Wollny

Invited musicians:
Martin Smidt
Klaus Ellerhusen Holm
Andreas Hoem Røysum

ImproStunt is a co-production between Rotvoll Kunstnerkollektiv og DansiT with support from Kulturrådet, Trondheim Kommune og Trondheim Open.

Documentation: performance stills by Trondheim Open 2022, and artist own.